Pleasant valley baptist church

Web Design & WordPress Development

Pleasant Valley Baptist Church approached our agency with the goal of refreshing their website and updating their online presence. Their current website was outdated and no longer accurately reflected their values and mission as a church. In addition, they had recently undergone a brand refresh, including a new logo, and wanted their website to align with the new visual identity.

Design Process

We began the project by creating a stylescape based on the new logo and style guide provided by the client. This helped guide the aesthetic direction of the website and ensure that it aligned with the church’s new visual identity.

Next, we moved on to the wireframing process, which helped us organize the content and layout of the site in a way that made sense for the user. This step helped us ensure that the website was easy to navigate and that the most important information was prominently displayed.

Design Execution

The final website design was a modern and clean aesthetic that featured a color scheme of navy blue and white, with pops of the church’s branded yellow. The typography was clean and easy to read, using a serif font for headings and a sans-serif font for body copy. We also included high-quality imagery of the church and its community to help convey its welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

The design met the goals of the project by accurately reflecting the church’s values and mission, and providing a visually appealing and easy-to-use website for their members and visitors.

Development and Implementation

The website was built using WordPress as the CMS. This allowed for easy updates and maintenance by the church’s staff. During the development process, we encountered a few technical challenges. However, through collaboration and problem-solving, we were able to overcome these challenges and deliver a fully functional website.

The new website for Pleasant Valley Baptist Church successfully refreshed the church’s online presence and accurately reflects their values and mission. The design and development process was a collaborative effort, and we are proud of the final product. The project was a great experience for our team, and we will take the lessons learned to improve our process for future projects.

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